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It started life as a curious mod for JA2 1.07. It is still Alrulco; sorry I don’t know enough about code to change this. Much of the quests are the same as well but the results are sometimes different because of the factionalisation.


Almost every local RPC & NPC has been assigned a faction, a fighting body-type and equipment. It is mostly logical e.g. the Priest is a Rebel. But not always. Look out for the odd surprise. Some factions are friendly. Most are not. Some factions are a lot larger forming a de-facto Queen’s Militia in effect.


There are several maps with placed militia already. In some they are there to help you. In some you are there to help them as they are POW. On one they have no chance at all and are only there for cruel atmosphere! On the 1.13 version of this Mod it is possible to train militia in Omerta, San Mona, Estoni, Orta and Tixa dependent on loyalty of course and a little more expensive.

Queen’s Army

Larger nastier better equipped. They are in both sectors of Omerta so don’t talk to Fatima until you’ve conquered both or she locks up. On the 1.13 version I have done away with the Novice setting in effect. Novice now equals Experienced. Experienced now equals Expert. Expert now equals a damn tough setting. Insane is now not quite as insane but bad enough to hurt some.


100 maps. I’ve edited every town, sam-site and basement; some a lot more than others. Fewer flat roofs, broken up line of sight, more fences, more traps, more buildings full stop. The towns look more like real places now. 5 new secret bases. A 4 map island mini-quest to the south… it’s worth it! Sweeping landscape and tileset changes to edit maps I haven’t even opened! Light Snow. Autumn Forest. Bayou Swamp. Several new vehicles (not the driving kind sorry).


Two “new” characters. Both hybrids from UB but they make sense and are good to have along. Not sure playtesters ever got as far as to actually meet them but I have and they work well enough. There are also some extra bad guy NPC’s from UB & DL etc for a bit of extra challenge.


All enemy soldiers are dressed in black regardless of rank. Stops you taking shots based on unfair knowledge of who is the most dangerous to you. All militia are in drab regardless of rank. Aim has a uniform. Merc has a different Uniform. The rebels are as militia uniform and so on. It makes it all feel much more military and organised.


Real South American, British Army Surplus, Spanish Army Surplus and a few fictional weapons. Enhanced gases (even smoke causes loss of breath). A new calibre of shotgun. A working flame thrower. Compound 30 to replace “Jelly.” Etc.


A unified military olive green look about it with new laptop background, some new loadscreens (not in 1.13 for some reason), a better gun infobox without the giant bullet obscuring half the image! Edited gun sounds for all calibres; louder with more echo.


Optional if you want it I have made Prodigy, Leftfield and Aphex Twin tracks into the in-game music files. I’ll only include it if there is a demand as is a large file.

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